Collection: Otto (Osteo- phonic) Tuning Forks

The Otto (Oseteophonic) Tuning forks in this section are the 32 Hz (C1), 64 Hz (C2) and 128 Hz (C3) Tuning Forks areed for a variety of issues. All of them Spike Nitric Oxide which relaxes the tissues and reduces inflammation. 

.The 32 Hz Otto tuning fork is one of the lowest frequencies used by Sound Healers. This specific fork is used primarily on the skin and hair to stimulate nerves.  It is also good for grounding much like the OM 136.1 tuning fork.

The 64 Hz is especially effective when used on the lower lumbar vertebrae, sacrum  and coccyx.  It is also useful for emotional trauma and grounding. 

The 128 Hz is used by EMT's and Paramedics  to locate bone fractures. This fork spikes the most nitric oxide out of all the forks. 

These forks can  be purchased separately or in our Otto Fork Set which includes the 32 Hz, 64 Hz and 128 Hz. - SozoSoundz