Collection: 72 Names of God Tuning Forks

SozoSoundz is pleased to present the Secret 72 names of God used by the Israelites for over 3400 years. These have the names that Yahweh gave Moses and the Israelites to part the Red sea. The secret code for these names is found in Exodus 14:19-21.

These names have been hidden until this last century.  Using Hebrew Gematria, SozoSoundz has reproduced the miraculous frequencies. They are proprietary frequencies so we do not release them. Depending on the frequency, these forks will be either weighted or unweighted. 

These names are Technology at work for your Soul. These powerful tools aid in healing, positive life changes, and healthy relationships. These names act as a bridge between your soul and the heavenly realm. What happens internally manifests externally. These names do miraculous things when we put our ego down and cooperate with them.