Collection: Fibonacci Tuning Forks

At SozoSoundz we offer Fibonacci Forks in the Traditional Set as well as the Solfeggio Set. Both include 8 tuning forks. In the traditional set you will experience the fundamental sounds that are often heard on the earth. This set brings you into your fullness and higher dimensions and  realities while on the earth. Energetically you always need a still point before you can shift into something else. In the Standard set C 256 Hz is the still point which is a sound that is commonly found in nature.

SozoSoundz also offers the Solfeggio Fibonacci set based off the Solfeggio 396 Hz  UT frequency.  In this set the 396 Hz  represents our root energy center as well as the Liberation of Guilt and Fear. Thus the 396 Hz is our still point. Just as in all solfeggio series and Pythagorean math, all frequencies add up to a 3, 6, or 9. However with the added sequence of the Fibonacci spiral, these frequencies bring us into a higher dimension in the heavens or divine.- SozoSoundz