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    Unexpectedly, I found positive relief for Restless Leg Syndrome and muscle cramps from Late Stage Lyme Disease using SozoSoundz Mid OM tuning forks. Sozo (Tracy) can share my protocol for self treatment. I am very impressed by the quality of SozoSoundz tuning forks. I have several different forks and several duplicates and they are 100% in tune with each other. Self body work is much easier with the weighted forks with longer handles. Customer service is A+

    Curt-Phoenix, AZ

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    I am extremely pleased with the quality of your forks and the accessories. It is my wish to purchase forks from your store exclusively as I feel these forks are the best I have found. and have bought from several other sites. Thank you for your service. -

    J. Albay-

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    After I had a sound therapy session with SozoSoundz (Tracy) a shift took place in my life. I noticed my ears were more tuned into harmony in music. I am not personally gifted with a singing voice but was able to sing in harmony with songs. I had not been able to do this before. Also, some relationships in my life suddenly began to line up. Just 4 days after the session I suddenly received a message from an ex-boyfriend in high school. As we began to communicate and reminisce about things from the past, it brought healing and closure to some negative things that took place during that time in our lives. My spiritual life has also been enhanced as well with a fresh flow of revelation.

    L.R. Smith-Gray -  Spokane, WA

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    Last year I found SozoSoundz whilst I was here from the UK. I ordered the Otto forks from them and was absolutely delighted so much so that I ordered the weighted ohm and 528, which I already had at home bit were of Indian quality and these from SozoSoundz are of far superior quality. Tracy's knowledge and helpfulness is second to none. I then ordered an unweighted ohm which she didn't carry but was kind enough to get one made for me as my daily routine is the use of ohm, weighted ohm and 528. I have loved these forks. I have just now purchased the set of 9 sacred solfeggios and I'm astounded at the clarity, again far superior to the ones I have at home in the UK. I cannot wait to get home to use them, I know they are going to produce great results.Thank you so much Tracy you are a shining star and I will be back to order more beautiful forks from you in the future ...Blessings dear lady

    I truly love your tuning forks & your customer service!

    ~ Christina M