Welcome to SozoSoundz Sound Healing with Tuning forks online shopping. We are the best, affordable high quality option for sound healing tuning forks on the internet.  "Sozo" is a Greek word and often used in the Bible for the English words such as healing, wholeness, and deliverance. The name indicates my hearts greatest desire, to see people healed and set free from every thing that is keeping them back from the life God has desired for them. So my goal is to heal people using God’s designs for healing which He has given to us. Though there are many modalities, we use the modality of sound and frequency to help heal others in unison with His Holy Spirit.

I created this company  to make a difference in this world. For that reason, at SozoSoundz  I won't sell just any product, and yet if you shop around, you will find that we offer some of the most competitive prices available for the best tuning forks made. Therefore, we will only sell high quality products made in the USA.The only kind we use on our own family and friends.

Tuning forks made in India, Pakistan and China contain lead and do not have the level of healing qualities of the forks made in the USA. Their metallurgy is substandard compared to the United States. So while you may get some tuning forks for less, they can not offer you or those you are trying to help receive the results you would like. Invest in the right tools, get the best results!

My background is in music and the health industry. I am credentialed as a certified Sound Therapist, Licensed Spiritual Healer, an Ordained Minister. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Music. 

Sound healing is my passion and I want to share it with you.  I will be growing this store with love and honor and hope to offer quality service with honest prices. 

Thanks for stopping! We pray that you will be blessed in all that you do.