Collection: Solar System/ Planetary Tuners

         Hans Cousto, a Swiss mathematician and musicologist, discovered the natural law of the “CosmicOctave” in 1978. He found a variety of natural phenomena which periodically occur, i.e., orbits and rotations of the planets, colors, weather, musical rhythms and tones. He used the octave formula f (frequency) x 2” (=doubled n times) he was able to calculate the   audio frequencies of the circulations and rotations of the earth, the moon and the planets. Through time and with the cooperation of others, the audible frequencies of these planets were created into tuning forks.

     This set of forks create a sympathetic vibration and resonance between yourself and the planets. In effect, they help to enhance the benefits of each astrological body represented in the solar system.

 These forks are custom made with 3 inch stems.