Our forks are made by a manufacturer in America. We specialize in high quality, low cost tuning forks made from a non-rusting, non-tarnishing, non-magnetic aluminum alloy. They are designed to produce a pure tone even after many years of use, with proper care. The tuning forks range from 26 hertz (or beats per second) to 5,000 hertz. Our forks also have longer stems (2.3+") to allow for ease with body work. 

The forks are machine cut and are precisely tuned within 0.5% at 20 degrees Celsius of the indicated frequency. Because of special aluminum alloy used to make the fork, they are resistant to decreased frequency changes due to temperature fluxations and are harder and more durable. They come with a lifetime warranty. Abuse of the forks is not coverered. Therefore, it is suggested that they not  be struck on any hard surface, dropped or exposed to the heat or cold for an extended amount of time.