Collection: Song of the Spine Tuners

SozoSoundz is please to bring you a very special set not carried by most distributors in America! This is the 12 piece Weighted set known as the Song of the Spine Set. This custom ordered set is made with 3 inch stems. Previously, only carried by the substandard quality made in India. This set is an accompaniment to June Wieder's book, "Song of the Spine." Dr. Wieder, a chiropractor, has developed a healing technique called bone toning, which uses pure musical tones to bring the spinal vertebrae, as well as the subtler energy systems of the body, into attunement and alignment. Astonishingly, Dr. Wieder has discovered that the spinal vertebrae are individually tuned to the notes of the diatonic scale in C, including the "black keys" of the piano for the reverse curves of the cervical and lumbar segments of the spine.