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Otto Tuning Forks - Set of 3 (32 Hz, 64 Hz, 128 Hz

Otto Tuning Forks - Set of 3 (32 Hz, 64 Hz, 128 Hz

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Osteophonic tuning forks also known as Otto tuning forks are used by a wide variety of Medical Professionals as well as Sound Healers. These forks have a weight on both tines which is translated to the stem. These vibrating forks are placed on various parts of the body to include acupressure points, bones, ligaments, nerves, skin, hair, energy centers and meridians. They can promote relaxation and increased blood low. They also stimulate Nitric Oxide.

Per Dr. John Beaulieu (Naturopath and pioneer of sound healing), “Nitric oxide is made inside the vascular, nerve and immune cells and is rhythmically released into the surrounding tissues as a gas. It participates in the healthy functioning of all main organ systems and acts as a signaling molecule and attacking molecule neutralizing viruses, bacteria, and other free radicals. “ In doing so, they reduce inflammation, pain, tension, and muscle spasms.

Each Tuner is the note of C but in different octaves. 

Click here for Dr. Beaulieu's file on Nitric Oxide

Click here to download the Otto fork brochure

32 Hz (C1) - Hair and Skin (nerves)

While all Otto Forks can be used in a variety of applications, this specific fork is used primarily on the skin and hair to stimulate nerves. Much like the OM 136.1 Hz fork, this fork can also be used for grounding. A client who suffered from hereditary baldness recently wrote to us to advise that her hair was growing after using this fork and that is was coming in curly. Also, this same client advised that she was using the fork on an age spot and that spot was greatly reduced in size after using this fork.

64 Hz (C2) - Lower Lumbar, Sacrum and Coccyx

This fork is especially effective when used on the lower lumbar vertebrae, sacrum and coccyx.  It also helps to loosen tissue and ligaments enabling for healing and realignment.

The 128 Hz (C3) - Pain, Muscle Spasms and Circulation

Besides contributing the above mentioned features, this fork also promotes relaxation, enhanced memory, and enhanced sexual function by stimulating the nervous system and release of nitric oxide. Orthopedic Doctors, EMT's and Paramedics have used this fork for many years to locate bone fractures.

Each fork comes with a handmade velveteen pouch.


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