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YHWH (God) Fork

YHWH (God) Fork

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The YHWH aka YHVH is a fork tuned to the frequency (26 Hz).

This is the frequency for the unspeakable name of God. This is the lowest sounding fork we make. The human ear typically hears between 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz.  

This fork is used to frame up your world around you by focusing on the creator. Many times you will see the Jewish people pray using Yod Hey Vav Hey.  In scripture, this Name is used when discussing God's relation with human beings, and when emphasizing his qualities of loving kindness and mercy. It is frequently shortened especially when used in combination with names or phrases, as in Yehoshua (Joshua, meaning "the Lord is my Salvation"), Eliyahu (Elijah, meaning "my God is the Lord"), and Hallelujah ("praise the Lord").

 YOD (Yud)– Means “open hand”. This symbolizes creation and brings forth change.

HE (Hey)-Means “window”. Signifies Revelation. This first HE represents reproduction or mother.

VAU (Vav or Vov)-Means “nail” or “spine”. It represents physical wholeness.

HE (Hey)-Means “window”. Signifies Revelation. This 2nd HE represents offspring from the female (daughter).

 The fork can be used in a variety of ways. As listed above, you can also use this to frame your world by activating the fork when facing each direction. It can be used in prayer and meditation as you call on the name of the Lord. As it is also a low Otto (weighted) fork, you can activate the fork and place the stem on pressure or reflex points. As it is a very low frequency, many clients say they feel much more relaxed and calm after the fork has been used.

 Hand symbol used to frame up one’s world is the  same one Leonard Nimoy used to signify “Live long and prosper” on Star Trek. See at

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Comes with a pouch!

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