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Mineral Tuning Fork Set of 12

Mineral Tuning Fork Set of 12

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SozoSoundz introduces this custom made set with 3 inch stems that includes the following 12 Mineral tuning forks:

Calcium 320 Hz
Chromium 384 Hz
Copper 464 Hz
Iodine 424 Hz
Iron 416 Hz
Manganese 400 Hz
Molybdenum 336 Hz
Phosphorus 480 Hz
Potassium 304 Hz
Selenium 272 Hz
Sodium 352 Hz
Zinc 480 Hz


This set comes with a carrying pouch and an activator. 

These frequencies were discovered by Barbara Hero with the Lambdoma Institute. She also discovered the frequencies for the Human Organs. This set will help you absorb the minerals you have needed or help to remove the energetic blockages so you can receive these nutrients. 

To read about their benefits, please click Here to download our brochure. 


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