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The Gamma Fork

The Gamma Fork

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This Gamma 40 Hz brainwave frequency fork (weighted) is sold separately from our Binaural  Brain Tuners. 

While researchers have always known about brain waves, they are just now learning about all the benefits of Gamma brain waves and their impact on the entire brain. They are present in both the waking process and in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. The range oscillates between 40-70 hz. Gamma brain waves are believed to link and process information from all other parts of the brain. Those with learning disorders and neurological issues have shown to be lacking in this specific brainwave. On the other hand, those with a high level of Gamma brain wave activity have shown a propensity for intelligence, compassion, self-control and a general overall sense of happiness. 

Reported Benefits:

  • Higher level of Intelligence
  • Greater memory retention
  • Greater perception of reality via using all 5 senses
  • Greater Awareness/Alertness/Focus
  • Greater Compassion
  • Greater Happiness
  • Increased brain processing speed (ability to process large amounts of information in shorter time period)
  • Creates Neural Pathways along with affirmations. 

Click here to download the Gamma fork brochure


1. Activate the fork by tapping on the palm of your hand or body part such as thigh or knee. Bring the tines 3-6 inches from the ear with the hole in the weight facing the ear. While the fork is ringing, repeat positive affirmations. Repeat on the other ear. Do this daily for 30 days. This will help to create neural pathways and belief patterns. 

2. Activate the fork by tapping on the palm of your hand or body part such as thigh or knee. Bring the tines 3-6 inches from the left ear with the hole in the weight facing the ear. While the fork is ringing go behind the back of the head and stopping shortly at the right ear and continue around the head ending back at the left ear. Do this a total of 3 times around the head. You may have to activate the fork again if the ringing stops. Then activate the fork again and point the weight at the root chakra  (hole in weight facing chakra 2-3 inches off of body) and draw a straight line up the mid section passing over all the chakras until you end up at the crown. This will reset this frequency while also sewing it into the chakras. 

3. For pain this fork can also be used as all weighted forks spike nitric oxide. Activate the fork and place the stem on the desired area using a medium pressure. Let the fork ring out 2-3 times for at least 20 seconds each. due this in a circumference of 3 inches. Wait at least 6 minutes before applying the fork within that same circumference. 

4. This fork can also be used for acupressure points. Follow #3 instructions for this application as well. 

 Comes with a pouch.

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