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Spleen Tuning Fork

Spleen Tuning Fork

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SozoSoundz introduces this specialized organ tuning fork which is tuned at 492 Hz B Frequency. This fork is supportive of the spleen. All organs vibrate at a certain frequency. When the body becomes sick, the frequency of the organs goes below its optimum frequency. By toning this fork, which is the healthy frequency for the spleen, it entrains the organ to return to its normal healthy frequency. In other words, the body will self-correct itself. Extra long stem for ease of use with body work. 

This frequency was discovered by Barbara Hero & the International Lambdoma Research Institute. Barbara was able to calculate the frequency by passing sound waves through these organs using the speed of sound. As with all of the organ tuning forks, they are used to entrain an unhealthy organ to come back to the frequency of a healthy organ.

As the spleen is a major part of the lymph system, this fork can help energize the lymphatic system. Not only can you use it on the spleen but in other areas of the lymphatic system. 

Click here for download of Human Organ book


Activate the fork and point the tines towards the spleen. Draw circles with the forks in the area of the spleen or you can just keep the tines pointed to that area. You can do this for as long as you feel comfortable and/or many times uring the day. The more you use them the easier it will be to entrain the organ to come back to a healthy frequency. 

Also you can follow this same pattern of energizing in all areas of the lymphatic system. 

 ***Note as these forks also help to detox the body it is is better to start slow in duration and times used. Build the duration and time as the week progresses. Results differ from person to person. It may take days, weeks or months to entrain an organ depending upon the person and their physical issues at the time. 

This Fork comes with a velvet carry bag. Please don't forget to purchase a Hockey Puck activator or a small mallet if needed. 

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