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Solfeggio Weighted Body Tuning Forks- Set of 6

Solfeggio Weighted Body Tuning Forks- Set of 6

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This is the Ancient Solfeggio (weighted) frequencies lowered for body work. Most companies do not offer this product and certainly not at this price. This includes a faux leather carrying bag and a rubber mallet..

For Centuries these tones were lost to the public. A discovery of a Gregorian Chant called, "The Great Hymn to St. John the Baptist" gave us the name of each note.  Each note began a phrase in the hymn:

UT quent laxis

REsonare fibris

MIra gestorum

FAmuli Tuorum

SOLve polluti

LAbili reatum

 These chants were believed to bring healing and special blessings when sung in harmony during religious ceremonies.  Dr. Joseph Puleo rediscovered these particular frequencies in 1974 when he had an encounter with the Lord who showed him a bible code in the book of numbers chapter 7 starting at verse 12. Using Pythagorean math, which entails reducing all numbers to a single digit, a common code began to appear. The codes revealed a repeating pattern of 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, and 852. This is how the missing frequencies were discovered.

 The weighted Solfeggio frequencies are lowered 2 octaves for body work from the unweighted set but still contain the healing frequencies found via the overtone and harmonic series. These include: (Definitions derived from Medieval Latin)

 UT –  Liberating Guilt and Fear  (396 hz lowered to 99 Hz)

RE –  Undoing Situations and Facillitating Change (417 Hz lowered to 104.25 Hz)

MI –  Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)  (528 Hz lowered to 132 Hz)

FA –  Connecting/Relationships  (639 Hz lowered to 159.75 Hz)

SOL –  Expression/Solutions  (741 Hz lowered to 185.25 Hz)

LA –  Awakening Intuition  (852 Hz lowered to 213 Hz)

Click here to download the Solfeggio brochure

 Comes with a faux leather carrying bag and rubber mallet. Wood Block not included. 

Also comes with color pencil grips that go on the ends of the forks to give it a firmer grip and to differentiate between the forks. The item pictured shows the older heat shrink which we are no longer using. 

For the complete Therapist set up, add the  Solid Oak Woodblock for $50 from the our accessories menu. Made specifically for this set. 

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