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Solfeggio Combo #2 -Solfeggio set of 9 Tuning Forks & Teaching DVD

Solfeggio Combo #2 -Solfeggio set of 9 Tuning Forks & Teaching DVD

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SozoSoundz presents our Solfeggio Combo #2 set which includes our new Teaching DVD, a set of 9 unweighted Solfeggio Tuning Forks, Sound Therapy Booklet and hockey Puck Activator. Discover the Power of Solfeggio Tuning Forks while learning to use them on yourself and others. This exquisite Combo is the dream for those starting in sound therapy or even those that want to know more about it. The 63 minute DVD teaching displays some of the more common techniques when using these forks and others. Most will have to spend thousands of dollars to learn information that is offered in this set at an affordable cost. Don't wait. Start your healing journey today!


This set has slip on grips. The colors may vary but they you a better grip and you can tell them apart quickly. They are easily removed. 

Also comes with a velvet pouch and Hockey Puck Activator. 

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