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SozoSoundz Tuning Forks

117 hz Tuning Fork

117 hz Tuning Fork

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By popular demand SozoSoundz premiers the 117 hz weighted tuning fork.  117Hz is the prime resonant frequency of the King’s Chamber sarcophagus. Read below what sound therapists are saying about it. Scholars have debated the significance of the 117 hz resonant frequency found in the king's chamber in the great pyramids. Some believe it was used in ceremonious practices where Priests communed with gods. Others believe this frequency was used for healing and meditation purposes. Those same people thoughtt this frequency induced altered states of consciousness. The king's chamber was specifically made with rose granite to effectively reflect and amplify those 117 hz sound waves. 

The dimesions of the king's chamber was designed to specifically resonate at this frequency. By studying this phenomenon they have found that sound plays an important role in generating belief systems, aiding in spiritual connections, as well as aiding in healing. Other frequencies found in the chamber are 139.01, 369, and 432 hz. 

This is the best tuning fork I have ever experience for pain. It also helps clients get rid of what is not theirs aka genetic Trauma, and energetic trauma. ~ Bill C. 

Comes in a pouch.

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