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Crystal River Gems

Red Jasper Wand

Red Jasper Wand

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Crystals are also wonderful conductors to increase the vibration and energy of weighted tuning forks. Each of these beautiful Red Jasper single terminated crystals are 4+ inches long. 

Red Jasper is forged from volcanic ash and silica, It is known as the stone that burns with the fiery embers of passion! Throughout the earth this stone has been long-revered. Ancient texts from Egypt, Germany, and Greece note its lore. It is known as the stone of endurance and vibrancy. In the earliest time of humans, it was believed this stone provided protection and brought on courage for warriors.


Red Jasper is rooted in its meaning that passion that can transform your inner being. This is why so many cultures gave it to their warriors.  Potentially it can manifest inner strength, and give lasting endurance to strengthen one going through a challenging situation.

*  Red Jasper is  known as the ultimate protector. It is believed that itgrants physical and mental protection to keep you safe and level-headed.

*  Red Jasper is known for its emotional healing attributes. For those who suffer from stress or people who have a wandering mind, this stone is a favorite.  Red Jasper helps to give emotional balance. In times when you need to focus on a task, this helps to keep the emotions away that prevent you from completing that task. It helps you endure and get the job done! This stone helps you learn from the past, while breaking off those chains that has prevented you from living your life to the fullest. Even during the most difficult times in one's life, this stone has the potential to light the fire of passion again in your life. 

*  Red Jasper is a vital tool for your spiritual healing. It helps you to identify who you are and reminds you the importance of Self-love. This is the stone that helps with your inner tranquility by embracing your whole self. By using this stone, it awakens your spiritual awareness, and catapults you on a spiritual journey where your life can move forward in a positive manner. 

*  Red Jasper is used by those wanting to address physical healing. Many attest that it has a positive influence on the circulatory system. It is also believed that it flushes out toxins that can cause health issues. Thus, it is used by many as a form of detoxification. As a byproduct of this detoxification, many believe that Red Jasper improves organ function, heart, health, and more.

Our divine creator made all of these wonderful stones and gems as a tool for our overall healing. Long before medicine, people were healing themselves naturally by what the creator provided here for us on the earth. Unlike many medicines, they did not come with side-effects or warnings. 

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