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Pineal Tuning Fork and Young Living Idaho Blue Spruce Combo Package

Pineal Tuning Fork and Young Living Idaho Blue Spruce Combo Package

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As we grow older the pineal gland  begins to calcify and degenerates from all the substances (hormones, chemicals, fluoride, etc.) found in our food and water. At SozoSoundz, we created a tuning fork with a healing frequency that will help to support this gland and help normal functions.

 In addition to the fork, we have added Young Living’s (YL) Idaho Blue Spruce (IBS) essential oil. This oil is used by Corinne Allen Ph.D. (Brain Specialist and nutritionist). According to Dr. Allen, “IBS opens the pineal gland, that becomes calcified/blocked because of chemical and other toxins. Cell receptors (in all parts of the body) for the pineal gland can’t take in nutrients, when they are blocked by toxins. IBS assists the body in clearing the receptor sites, assisting the pineal gland to function better.” The  benefits of this oil include opening the pineal gland, clearing emotional trauma, and evoking deep peace and security.

 When both the tuning fork and Idaho Blue Spruce essential oil are used simultaneously, the rate of healing and potential is exponentially increased.  IBS also clears the receptor sites allowing the Pineal gland to function optimally.

The combination of the fork and the oil will help this gland to receive vital nutrients that were previously blocked.  Clearing and supporting this gland also is believed to bring spiritual enlightenment.

Support your Pineal gland with this powerful combination of tuning fork and essential oil!

Click here to download the Pineal fork brochure

Comes with a rubber activator and a velveteen pouch for the Tuning Fork!


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