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OM Set (Low, Mid & High OM.

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SozoSoundz is pleased to offer the complete weighted set of OM (as in Shalom) Tuning Forks. Indeed this set will bring about peace along with many other benefits. This set includes the Low OM, the Mid OM, and the High OM.

The Low OM (Ohm) tuning fork 68.05 Hz is one octave lower than the Mid OM fork of 136.1 Hz, It is a much deeper tone which also has greater vibrational effects. This fork is an excellent choice when working on the body (especially the Pelvic area or lower body).

The Mid OM is 136.1 Hz. This is tuned at the frequency the Earth rotates around the Sun in a year. It is known by many in the sound healing world as "The Master Tuning Fork." It is a "must have" for anyone wanting to delve into the fascinating and wonderful world of sound therapy.  This fork is an excellent choice when working on the body (espectially the upper - chest area).

The High OM Tuning Fork 272.2 Hz is an octave higher than the Mid OM and 2 octaves higher than the Low OM. It is also known as the Soul Star. This fork is an excellent choice when working on the body (espectially on the head area and up to 12 inches above the head.). Many believe this is the 8th energy center/chakra.

These forks can be used alone or in unison with each other. 

The benefits:

  • Grounding
  • Clearing
  • Calming
  • Meditation
  • Relieving stress and strain
  • Acupressure (points)
  • Relaxing/Peaceful
  • Increases energy
  • Nitric Oxide.

Comes in handmade velvet pouches. 

OM Set (Low, Mid & High OM. Sale