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Meridians Tuning Fork Set of 14

Original Price: $375.00

SozoSoundz welcomes this new custom addition all made with 3 inch stems for the Meridian System. These sets come in both weighted and unweighted versions. Please note that in the weighted set there are 3 tuning forks that are unweighted due to higher frequencies. Click on the picture at the starting page for more. 

Both sets include carrying pouches and activators. 

This set includes:

Lung 228.7 Hz

Large Intestine 423 Hz 

Stomach 126.90 Hz

Spleen/Pancreas 264.90 Hz

Heart 289 Hz

Small Intestine 316 Hz

Bladder 343.80 Hz

Kidney 383.70 Hz

Pericardium  477 Hz (AKA Circulation/Sex) 

Triple Heater/Warmer 496 Hz

Gall Bladder 506.80 Hz

Liver 103.2 Hz

Central Meridian  60 Hz

Governing Meridian 100.90 Hz

This set works on your energetic pathways/wiring throughout your body to keep all systems in optimal health and free of blockages which bring in sickness and disease.

For more information, please download our booklet that also comes with this set by clicking Here.

Meridians Tuning Fork Set of 14 Sale


Meridians Tuning Fork Set of 14 Meridians Tuning Fork Set of 14 Meridians Tuning Fork Set of 14