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Low OM Tuning Fork 68.05 Hz

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The Low OM (Ohm) tuning fork 68.05 Hz is one octave lower than the standard OM fork 136.1 Hz, also known as the Mid OM.

It is a much deeper tone which also has greater vibrational effects. This fork is an excellent choice when working on the body (especially the Pelvic area or lower body).

The benefits are:

* Grounding/Clearing

* Releasing Strain/Stress in body and heart

* Increases Energy

* Relaxing/Peaceful

This fork may be used alone or in combination with the Standard OM fork or High OM fork. The octave with the Mid OM makes a great combination for acupressure/body work as it promotes a movement of energy within the body. Using this with any of the other OM forks creates an energetic connection.

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Low OM Tuning Fork 68.05 Hz Sale


Low OM Tuning Fork 68.05 Hz