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High OM Tuning Fork 272.20 Hz

High OM Tuning Fork 272.20 Hz

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SozoSoundz is pleased to offer the High OM Tuning Fork 272.2 Hz. We offer this fork in a weighted and unweighted option. These fiorks are an octave higher than the Mid OM and 2 octaves higher than the Low OM. It is also known as the Soul Star. 

While many use the Low OM on the Pelvic - low end of the body, the Mid OM on the upper - chest area, the High OM is used on the head area and up to 12 inches above the head. Many believe that to be the 8th Energy Center (chakra). 

This fork can be used alone or in unison with either the Mid OM or the Low OM. Unlike the other OM forks, the High OM is used around the body (not on the body) to rebalance the energetic field and centers (chakra's). 

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Activate the fork on a hockey puck if using the unweighted fork and on the palm of your hand if using the weighted fork and brting the fork withing 3-6 inches of your ear. Let the fork ring out and repeat the process on the other ear. This will enhance relaxation, sedation, balance and meditation. 


Activate the fork and circle the fork around the head connecting the left ear to the right. You can do this many times. Also, activate the fork and point the tines or weights at your forehead and draw circles with the fork while it is pointed at the forhead. You can also do this 12 inches above the head. This will help energize and balance these centers even further. 


Activate the weighted fork and put the stem on sore muscles or areas in the body where there is inflammation. This can also be used on acupressure/acupuncture points of the body. When using these place the stem on the body 2-3 times in any given spot and let the fork vibrate (at least 20 seconds). This is enhanced when using the octave OMs for these points.  


1) Use 2 High OM forks simultaneously around the head area to bring grounding, peace and balance. 

2) Use the High OM fork (head area) simultaneously with the Mid OM fork (chest area) to bring centeredness and balance between the middle of the body and head. 

3) Use the High OM fork (head area) simultaneously with the Low OM fork (Pelvis area) to bring a connection and balance between the higher and lower part of the body. 

Get our OM set and get all 3 Weighted Octaves (Low, Mid, and High)

Comes with a handmade Velvet Bag. 

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