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Genesis Tuning Fork

Genesis Tuning Fork

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    This tuning fork has the frequency of 531 Hz. Genesis means the origin or mode of formation of something. In other words...creativity. This fork is a personal favorite of ours. It has a very pleasing and tranquil sound. This fork can cause things to happen. When used with the MI 528 HZ (Miracle and DNA repair) fork, this fork can help to repair damaged portions of DNA. The creators of this fork claim that it will move bones and joints back into place when they are out of alignment. They also claim that the tuning fork will also repair and rebuild muscles and tissue. We haven't done further study to verify that but can positively say that it does aid enhancing creativity.

    Click here to download the Cellular Support brochure which includes the Genesis

      This fork can also be found in our Cellular Support Kit along with the Shekinah Tuning Fork.

      This Fork comes with a velvet carry bag. Please don't forget to purchase a Hockey Puck activator or a small mallet if needed. 

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