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Gall Bladder Tuning Fork


The Gall Bladder weighted tuning fork is tuned to 164.30 Hz E frequency. This frequency is that of a healthy organ. This frequency was discovered by Barbara Hero & the International Lambdoma Research Institute. Barbara was able to calculate the frequency by passing sound waves through  healthy gall bladder using the speed of sound. As with all of the organ tuning forks, they are used to entrain an unhealthy organ to come back to the frequency of a healthy organ.

It comes with a handmade velveteen bag. 


  1. Activate the fork by gently tapping the weights on either he palm of your hand, hip, or knee.
  2. Place the stem on the body closest to where the organ would be.

Note* You can also put a crystal on the body and then place the stem on the flat part of the crystal (after activation). Crystals serve as conductors so will make the vibration go deeper and wider in that area.


Gall Bladder Tuning Fork


Gall Bladder Tuning Fork