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Frequencies Sound of Healing by Jonathan Goldman

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"The ultimate sonic tune-up for body, mind and spirit! The magic of this CD is in the sequence of the recording. When I listen from start to finish, I feel like I’ve had a spiritual massage." -SOURCE BOOKS & SACRED SPACES

"Awesome…it’s a wonder. It makes me feel like I’m wrapped in the wings of angels." – Jill Lawrence, Wisdom Radio

"Reduce stress without Valium!" -VOGUE

Jonathan Goldman is a world-renowned authority in the field of sound healing who presents lectures, workshops and intensive training sessions around the world. Goldman is a pioneer in the field of harmonics and a Gold-selling artist who has appeared on Grammy Award-winning recordings and published numerous books considered the best in their field including Healing Sounds (Inner Traditions) and tanta of Sound (Hampton Roads). Frequencies: Sounds of Healing is a collection of excerpts from award-winning and best-selling Spirit Music recordings. Each is a positive tool for transformation. Features an expanded 16-page booklet that explains the personal back-story of each track as well as scientific/historical influences, suggested uses, and other information. Includes ancient and culturally diverse sacred sounds, cutting-edge psycho-acoustic frequencies, solo/group toning & chanting, musical textures, and dolphin songs to provide listeners with a wide variety of aural tools for healing and transformation.

Track Listings

  1. 'Primal Ground'
  2. 'Convergence'
  3. 'Compassion/Beloved'
  4. Excerpt:'Ultimate Om'
  5. Excerpt:'Holy Harmony'
  6. 'Inner Light'
  7. 'Angelic Calling'
  8. Excerpt:'Dolphin Dreams'
  9. 'Heart Of Wisdom'
  10. 'Quiet Space'
  11. 'Song Of Saraswati'
  12. 'Om Mani Padme Hum'
  13. 'Tantric Tara'


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Frequencies Sound of Healing by Jonathan Goldman