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Fat Buster Kit - Fat Cell Reduction and Muscle Tuning Forks

Fat Buster Kit - Fat Cell Reduction and Muscle Tuning Forks

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SozoSoundz is pleased add our new Fat Buster Kit. This kit includes the Fat Cell Reduction Tuning Fork, the Muscle Tuning Fork, a Velvet Pouch, and a soft rubber mallet. The Fat Cell Reduction Tuning Fork has the frequency of 295.8 Hz C#. The Muscle Tuning fork has the frequency of 324 Hz E. 

These frequencies were discovered by Barbara Hero & the International Lambdoma Research Institute. These forks can be used alone or in tandem one another. The Fat Cell Reduction fork triggers the release of fat cells in your body. When used with the muscle fork, it stimulates the growth of muscle tissues while reducing fat cells. Science tells us that muscle mass burns calories. Thus,this aids the body in weight reduction.

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Activate the fork and point the tines towards the fat cells. Draw circles with the forks in the various areas of the body or you can just keep the tines pointed to a certain area. You can do this for as long as you feel comfortable and/or many times during the day. The more you use them the easier it will be to entrain the fat cells to decrease. When you are done with that fork, Then activate the muscle fork and use it in the same manner over the same area. This will help to entrain the muscle to come back to the healthy frequency. The two forks used in tandem will help to reduce fat cells while simultaneously help to build muscle, SozoSoundz began carrying these forks at the request of our customers. So far, we have received favorable reports. Please note this is not a cure all for obesity. This is a help aid to entrain parts of your body to reachtheir healthy frequency range. The user still needs to eat healthy foods and exercise. 

 ***Note as these forks also help to detox the body it is is better to start slow in duration and times used. Build the duration and time as the week progresses. Results differ from person to person. It may take days, weeks or months to entrain an organ depending upon the person and their physical issues at the time. 

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