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Endocrine & Spine Set of 7 Tuning Forks

Endocrine & Spine Set of 7 Tuning Forks

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SozoSoundz is please to announce this wonderful custom set of 7 tuning forks made with 3 inch stems for ease of use. 

The set of 7 Endocrine/Spine forks are aimed to work with both the endocrine glands as well as the various regions of the  spinal column. These forks bring harmonious balance between the hormones secreted by the endocrine glands as well as the spinal column/spinal nerves. This exquisite set also corresponds with the seven energy  centers (chakras). The endocrine glands and the chakras both transmit energy back and forth to one another.  Please note these are not the same frequencies used in the Human Organ set.

 This set includes:



Pancreas/Lower Thoracic & Lumbar

Thymus/Upper Thoracic





This set comes with a booklet, a carrying pouch and an activator. 

To download our booklet that also comes with the set, click Here

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