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Crystal River Gems

DT Lepidolite Wands

DT Lepidolite Wands

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Crystals are also wonderful conductors to increase the vibration and energy of weighted tuning forks. Each of these beautiful Lepidolite double terminated crystals are 4+ inches.                                                                                                                       
This inspiring stone goes by many names within the crystal community. Some refer to it as the “Peace Stone,” while others call it the “Stone of Transition” or the “Grandmother Stone.”                                                                                                                                
1. Helps you stay in the present

Lepidolite helps you come back to the present or the now moment. It helps to calms us down, by reducing the amount of worry. In turn, this provides an inner peace and inner calm to help us to move forward.

2. Promotes feelings of peace.                                                                         Lepidolite also promotes feelings of peace by helping disengage from the chaos of your mind. It is the ultimate chill pill or in this case chill crystal. Lepidolite takes you out of your head and helps engage one with their heart instead. 

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