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Calendula: A Suite for Pythagorean Tuning Forks CD

Calendula: A Suite for Pythagorean Tuning Forks CD

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Allow the pure, beautiful healing sounds of Pythagorean tuning forks to elevate your mind and center your body, creating harmony and balance. By listening to this unique healing experience performed by Dr. John Beaulieu, you willl move through different sacred spaces to help you gain flexibility in many life situations.

This musical, sound healing CD is a musical journey intended to raise your consciousness and use as a tool for consciousness exploration. Benefits: Tune your body Create harmony and balance Gain flexibility in many life situations Consciousness exploration Please note: This album should not be used while driving due to the altered states of consciousness that arise from listening. Our bodies are like musical instruments. When they are properly tuned we have a sense of well-being and perfect self-expression. Dr. Beaulieu has pioneered a new musical form that can tune our bodies, creating greater harmony and balance.

I discovered the healing effect of musical intervals while sitting in a completely soundproof room, resembling a sensory deprivation chamber, for five hundred hours over a period of two years and listened to the sounds of my own body. Being a trained musician I became aware of the many sounds made by my own nervous system. One day I brought two tuning forks into the chamber and tapped them together. Immediately I observed that the sound of my nervous system realigned to the sound of the tuning forks. It was then that I realized that people can be tuned like musical instruments! Calendula has 16 tracks for a total of 61 minutes of music.

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