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C & G Tuning Forks

C & G Tuning Forks

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SozoSoundz offers this exquisite set of forks. C is tuned at 256 Hz  and G is tuned at 384 Hz. Also known as the Whole Body Tuners. These forks are also used in the Solar Harmonic Spectrum Set.

The C & G Tuners are a perfect start to begin the journey into sound healing. They are also referred to as Whole Body Tuners and they are based on Pythagorean Math to create a perfect fifth interval. This interval was first discovered by Pythagoras who was a Greek philosopher and mathematician. Because of the musical discoveries he made, Pythagoras is also called, “The Father of Sound Therapy.”

The C & G Tuners, like the D & A Tuners, are a perfect 5th interval in music. The difference is that while the D & A connect the Sacral and 3rd eye centers, The C & G connect the Root and Throat energy centers.

The perfect fifth interval has a frequency ration of 3:2 and is perceived to be pure and stable when hearing it. This interval not only brings about harmony to our ears but to our bodies as well. This powerful combination has been known to calm our body, brain and spirit as well as elevate our consciousness. Because of the calming effects, the forks help to transport one into a very relaxed and meditative state.

The perfect fifth ratio has been used for centuries and is favored interval for many cultures who value its healing abilities.

In his book, Human Tuning, Dr. John Beaulieu brilliantly outlines the basics of sound healing with tuning forks. “The Pythagorean tuning is based on the intervals and harmonics found in nature. It is very different than the equal tempered tuning we use today. In fact, it is more ‘sharp’ than the ancient Pythagorean tuning. Orchestras tune their instruments to A = 440 Hz and in this case A = 426.7 Hz. Electro-magnetic energy flies all around us now with cell phones, TV, radio waves, wi-fi, etc. Tuning forks help bring us back to the balance with nature, much like being physically in nature or listening to waves at the beach will have the same effect.”

These wonderful tools are a favorite of healers and energy workers.

The benefits are:

  • Balances the Nervous System
  • Enhances Relaxation
  • Enhances Meditation
  • Stimulates Tranquility
  • Reduces Stress
  • Inspires Calmness

Root Energy Center is associated with Security, Safety, Grounding, Survival, Support and Foundation, Basic needs (Food, Water, Shelter, Sleep, etc.), and self-identity.

Throat Energy Center is associated with Expression (speaking out), communication (all forms), projecting ideas and creativity, realizing potential-purpose-vocation, and sense of timing.

Click here to download the C&G tuning fork brochure


  1. Activate the forks (Hockey Puck) simultaneously and bring them to your left ear until the sound dissipates. Then activate them again and do the same with the right ear. Remember not to touch the tines as this will inhibit the ring and vibrations.
  2. Activate the forks simultaneously and bring the C fork to the left ear and the G fork to the right ear and let it vibrate until the sound dissipates. The 2nd time, activate the forks and bring the G fork to the left ear and the C fork to the right ear.
  3. Activate the forks simultaneously and angle the forks where the tines face your body. Draw the forks up from toe to head aimed at the center of your body.
  4. Activate the C fork, aim the tines at the root area and rotate the fork in a clockwise circular pattern for awhile. This will help to open up this center.
  5. Activate the G fork, aim the tines at the throat area and rotate the fork in a clockwise circular pattern for awhile. This will help to open up this center.

Experiment and try different things! Enjoy your Forks!

This comes with a handmade velveteen bag and a activator. 

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