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Bone OM

Bone OM

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SozoSoundz is proud to introduce the Bone OM Tuning fork. This fork is 34 Hz and is also known as the Osteo OM (OHM) tuning fork. This fork is 1 octave lower than the Low OM tuning fork and was created to increase bone density. Dr. Clinton Rubin researched frequencies between 25-50 Hz and he discovered that these frequencies can increase bone density by as much as 20%. Besides encouraging bone regeneration, he discovered that this frequency can also help to heal broken bones. Researches have found that this range of frequencies has helped to relieve pain in over 80% of people with chronic pain. 

This frequency has also been known to be instrumental in healing tendons, ligaments and muscles. It also helps to relieve pain as it spikes nitric oxide and thus relaxes the tissues and reduces the inflammation. 

This fork comes with a velvet bag. 



The frequency of the OM tuning fork is very pleasing and calming. Many will begin their journey into healing by listening to this fork. Activate the fork and bring the double-pronged side of the fork within an inch to 6 inches from your ear. Adjust the distance from the ear per your individual comfort level of sound. *Note* The hole in the weights should be facing your ear. This fork generally vibrates 20+ seconds. Generally, most will listen to this tone alternating ears each time. This can be done as many times as the individual prefers.


The OM tuning fork can be used almost anywhere on the body. *Note* be careful of broken bones or compound fractures as this may cause some discomfort for a person. When using it on the body, activate the fork and press the fork’s stem into the desired spot. This is very effective with placed on vertebrae, sacrum, sternum, and ribs.  Generally the Mid OM is used on the upper body and the Low OM on the Lower part of the body.

Acupressure points

When using the OM tuning fork on acupressure points, locate the spot(s). On each spot, activate the fork and press the fork on the desired spot for 20 seconds. This should be done twice per spot. Eventually, it may be nice to add another OM or another Otto fork to your arsenal of healing. The pressure of the fork itself should be a mild to moderate pressure. Severe pressure on the body is not needed.




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