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Binaural Brain Set of 5 UWT and a Weighted Gamma Tuning Fork.

Binaural Brain Set of 5 UWT and a Weighted Gamma Tuning Fork.

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SozoSoundz is pleased to offer this unweighted Set of 6 Tuning forks including the Fundamental, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta tuning forks. In this set we have also added the weighted Gamma Tuning Fork. 

Binaural Brain Tuners are based on brain wave studies using electroencephalography (EEG) technology. It has been discovered that the brain has five distinctive states of  consciousness known as Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma.

We offer these set in weighted, unweighted, set of 5 (Fundamental, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta) and set of 6 (Fundamental, Beta, Alpha, Theta, , Gamma). The set of 6 unweighted comes with a weighted Gamma Tuning Fork. Each of these sets come with custom stem lengths of at least 3 inches long. It is longer for the Gamma Tuning Fork. 

Gamma brain waves oscillates between 40-70 Hz. They are present in both the waking process and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. This wave aids in happiness, learning and psychiatric disorders, greater awareness and perception. 

Delta is the brain wave we encounter in a deep stage of REM sleep and oscillates between 0-4 Hz . This wave also increases immune functions and promotes the release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Theta brain wave oscillates between 4-8 Hz and is associated with meditation, memory and intuition,. 

Alpha brain wave oscillates between 8-12 HZ and is associated with relaxation, visualization, and creativity. 

Beta brain wave oscillates between 13-30 Hz is associated with alertness, focus, concentration, awareness and visual acuity.

SozoSoundz has incorporated a fundamental tuning fork into the collection to enable the creation of a binaural beat. When the fundamental fork is sounded with a brain fork, it creates a third tone which is known as a binaural beat. The difference between the 2 forks is what creates the desired brain wave. For example if we are attempting to simulate a Delta State of consciousness, we may sound the fundamental 256 Hz fork in one ear and another fork such as a 259 Hz fork in the other ear. The difference between the two forks is 3 Hz which is what creates that third beat or in this case the Delta brain wave.

When we go through a 24-hour cycle, we shift into different states of consciousness determined by our life requirements. One can visualize a car that shifts into different gears as necessary to meet the requirements of the road, i.e. a low gear for pick up and climbing hills, a medium gear for slow driving, and a high gear for highway cruising. In a similar way, living our life requires shifting into "different gears" for different situations. You can change your state of consciousness but shifting it using these Binaural Brain Frequencies.

Click here to download the Binaural Brain Tuning forks brochure

These sets includes a pouch and activator.  

Add a Brain Tuning Woodblock Holder made of solid oak for an additional $45 from our accessories menu. . 

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