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Angel Tuning Forks

Angel Tuning Forks

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"Angel Tuning Forks" are a unique set of high pitched tuning forks. These exquisite forks open our soul/spirit to the Angelic Heavenly Kingdom. These forks are based on a unique set of overtones that ascend in pitch.

This set begins with the 4096 Hz fork also known as a crystal tuner. This fork has a dual function. It is used widely to tune crystals which help to amplify their signal by placing the stem of the fork on the crystal. It is also used to open the heavenly realm known as Jacob's Ladder. This is described in the book of Genesis 28:10-19  when Jacob dreams about a ladder set up on the earth and in which the top of it reached to the heavens. This term is used interchangeably between a ladder and a staircase.

The next fork in the set is the 4160 Hz fork known as, "The Pillar of Light." To some this is also known as "The Pillar of Truth." The truth and the light is God himself. The Lord shines his light on the truth in the word but also in our being which becomes the truth in us!

The next fork in the set is the 4225 Hz fork known as, "The Stairway to Heaven." Many know the famous song of the same name by Led Zeppelin. However this fork is again referring to the Stairway found in Geneses 28. While interchangeably used as both a ladder and a staircase, it is believed that the staircase simulates and even higher form of angelic hierarchy than that of the ladder.

The set includes:

4096 Hz - Jacob's Ladder (also known as the crystal tuner) - Can be purchased separately

4160 Hz - The Pillar of Light

4225 Hz - Stairway to Heaven 

Each fork can be used individually or in groups to enhance meditations and energies. They can be tapped together or individually. Using a crystal as an activator gives an even purer and majestic tone.


  •  Higher connection with God and His angelic Realm
  •  Enhances Seer/Prophetic abilities
  •  Inspires creativity
  •  Induces a peaceful meditative state.
  •  Clears out negative energy from Biofields (auras), rooms, purchases, gifts, conflict and arguments, nightmares and all living things (animals, trees, plants and landscape)

Click here to download the Angel Tuning fork brochure


All three Angel Tuners can be used in many creative ways. Tap any two together and meditate upon the sound or hold several Angel Tuners between your fingers and tap them simultaneously to create an Angelic concert. The sound will be delicate, and high in pitch.

The Angel Tuners can also be used with crystals to create group meditations. With one person laying on a bodywork table or floor as many as five people can surround him or her with their Angel Tuners and crystals.

After meditation or massage, gently tap the Angel Tuners. You do not have to hold them directly in your ears. Tap them gently three inches to several feet off the cranium and move them around. They can be held in specific areas of sutural restrictions, internal bone rotation, or energy conflict. The pulsating beats between the tuning forks will be apparent to the listener's ears.

  Includes a faux leather pouch

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