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Ancient Sounds Modern Healing by Jill Mattson

Ancient Sounds Modern Healing by Jill Mattson

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Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing

A unique book that takes you on an extraordinary journey filled with secrets from age-old cultures along with the latest findings from today's scientific community. Together, they reveal the immense power and healing capabilities of sound.

Three-time author, Jill Mattson, guides us along this life-altering adventure using the vast knowledge that shes accumulated during her intense 17 year study of Antiquities and Secret Societies.

These Secret Societies utilized sound as an effective tool to transform peoples consciousness and to create physiological changes in the brain which in turn helped them heal their mind, body and spirit.

Ms. Mattson now shares the precise ways that we can do the same thing for ourselves. She mesmerizes and empowers the reader by artfully combining her wealth of knowledge with interviews from our most cutting-edge scientists, researchers & practitioners in the field of Sound Healing & Sound Techniques.

The information gathered from these modern experts clearly demonstrates how impactful and versatile the usage of sound can be.

Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing illustrates the various ways sound can:

Alter a persons brain waves; Increase relaxation; Eliminate stress; Aid the healing process and Help us to become happier, healthier and more productive.

Ms. Mattson also introduces the reader to a whole new category of sound that is derived from the vibrations & frequencies of the very stars & planets above. She further shares how the sounds from these heavenly bodies actually contain their own exceptional health-promoting properties.

After experiencing this fascinating voyage, the reader will hold sound in an entirely new way. One in which we can all use sound & music as accessible tools to improve our over-all health, healing and well being


Jill Mattson is a prolific Healing Arts Musician & Composer, Fine Artist and Author. Drawing upon her extensive knowledge of the field now lectures on the Healing Power Of Soundthroughout the United States. Her latest book, Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing, has been translated into numerous languages and is enjoyed worldwide.

Chapter 1:
Mysteries of Swamiji

Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji

Chapter 2:
Sound Made Visible


Chapter 3:
Brain Mapping

Laurie Monroe

Chapter 4:
Sound and Light Machines

Michael Stevens

Chapter 5:
The Magic of Sound
Chapter 6:
Wonderful World of Listening

Tomatis Centre

Chapter 7:
Music of the Spheres

Harold Grandstaff Moses

Chapter 8:
Healing Sounds

Jonathan Goldman

Chapter 9:
A Revealing Encounter

Chapter 10:
Ancient Solfeggio Tones

David Hulse

Chapter 11:
Stars are Singing to You

Ani Williams

Chapter 12:
A Star is Born

Chapter 13:
Taming Emotions

Chapter 14:
The Cosmic Symphony

Jeff Thompson

Chapter 15:
Music of Earth and Stars

Fabien Maman

Chapter 16:
Songs of the Earth


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