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528 Hz MI -Miracle Fork

528 Hz MI -Miracle Fork

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MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair) - This frequency is also known as the love fork. It diffuses negative energy and enhances love and peace. Scientists are currently using the fork to transform DNA.


  • Induces sleepiness
  • Opens the heart towards healing
  • Reduces stress
  • Purifies poisoned water
  • Increases the amount of light and vibration of food and water
  • Can be used on your Solar Plexus energy center (chakra) or anywhere on your person where you want to receive miracles or transform your DNA. 
  • Replaces negative energy with the energy of Love (can use on self, room or around other people)
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Enhances spiritual and healing powers
  • Attracts others on a heart-to-heart level
  • Aids in transforming our thoughts and intentions
  • Transforms our food and drink into the 528 frequency. 

Click here to download the Solfeggio brochure

Click here to download the Miracle Fork brochure



Strike the tuning fork on the hockey puck activator. Bring the fork within 6 inches of your ear. When the sound and vibration has stopped, repeat the process for your other ear. The fork can be used over any part of your body where you are in pain or feel like you need a miracle. Activate the fork and wave the fork 2-3 inches from the body in any given area.


 At bedtime, activate the fork and wave it around your head and heart to induce sleep.


Activate the fork and wave it 3 times around your drinking glass full of water. You can also briefly place the tines in water. This will work on drinking water as well as your bath water. If using it with your bath water, submerge the whole fork into the water. Let it vibrate and play out completely. Repeat this 6 times with prayer. Your bath will feel much more relaxing.


Activate your fork and wave it 3 times around your plate of food. You can also place the stem of the activated fork on the plate as it is vibrating.


 A group of sound healing researchers in Israel routinely travel with 528 Hz tuning forks. They activate them whenever confronted by angry people. Also, they play the forks whenever they come upon others in conflict (which happens a lot in Israel these days). They claim this distracts, fascinates, humors, and calms those engaged in arguments.

 Let the miracles begin!f

Includes Velvet Pouch!

*** Don't forget to purchase a hockey puck or a mallet if needed. 



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