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#45 The Power of Prosperity Tuning Fork from the 72 Names of God

#45 The Power of Prosperity Tuning Fork from the 72 Names of God

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SozoSoundz is pleased to present the Secret 72 names of God used by the Israelites for over 3400 years. These have the names that Yahweh gave Moses and the Israelites to part the Red sea. The secret code for these names is found in Exodus 14:19-21. This is when the Israelites faced certain death with the Red Sea in front of them and Pharaoh's army encroaching from behind them. When Moses cried out to God. Yahweh responded, "Why do you cry to me? Tell the people of Israel to go forward." Not a very compassionate response from our creator is it? That is because by the Hebrew oral traditions we found out that Yahweh gave the codes to Moses to teach to the people. In other words, he already had the answer and the way out. the second part of His statement which was basically have the Israelites jump in the water was actually a code on how to activate these names. We go more into this in our booklet. 

These names are Technology at work for your Soul. These powerful tools aid in healing, positive life changes, and healthy relationships. These names act as a bridge between your soul and the heavenly realm. What happens internally manifests externally. These names do miraculous things when we put our ego down and cooperate with them. 

If you really want to reap the benefits of these names, then you have to engage with this name. Let it be more than just knowledge. We are giving you the way to help you get set free from the ways that you never thought possible. Perhaps no one has given you a path or a way. They may have given you theories. With these letters, you are given the way. Yet, the work is dependent upon you. It is work! The more that you engage with these names, you will find that supernatural things begin to happen inside of you. Suddenly these letters begin to appear to you. It is important for you to bring love and gratefulness into your heart. That is key! It is not that the living letters have been out of alignment, but we have been out of alignment. Using these names helps bring you into alignment. Then, these letters can present themselves to you in the way they are to be manifested.

These names have been hidden until this last century.  Using Hebrew Gematria, SozoSoundz has reproduced the miraculous frequencies. They are proprietary frequencies so we do not release them. Depending on the frequency, these forks will be either weighted or unweighted. 

#45 The Power of Properity- Samech Aleph Lamed

This is an weighted tuning fork with SozoSoundz proprietary frequencies. 

If we want to achieve real wealth without sorrow, we must identify that the light of the creator is the source of all good fortune. This name is about controlling (laying down) your ego to summon the forces of prosperity.

 Transform the chaos from within and watch the challenges found in relationships, finances, sickness, and disease all become the hope and prosperity you desire to attract. 

These are specialty items that no one else offers or perhaps even knows about. With your order you will get a 4 page description of the background of these names along with an insert for each fork you order. This will give you great details on the name, and how to activate it. To keep cost down, we will only provide 1 book per person. Though, you will get the inserts as well for any fork you purchase. As we expand this knowledge, we will also expand our tuning fork inventory to offer more options.

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To watch our video on the care and activation of a tuning fork click here for part 1

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This comes with a pouch. 

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