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444 Hz Tuning Fork

444 Hz Tuning Fork

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SozoSoundz is pleased to announce this 444 Hz Tuning Fork. Prior to the International detuning to 440 Hz, it was common to either tune to a  444 Hz or a 432 Hz tuning for our instruments. 432 Hz was used by Verdi and 444 Hz was used by other groups. In our present time, this tuning was most famously used by the Beatles. It is a feel good and upbeat frequency. It has been rumored that when Paul McCartney went solo, his career tanked as he used the 440 tuning. One of his engineers suggested he return to the 444 Hz tuning. When he did that, his career skyrocketed again.

With this tuning, you can also get 2 of the Solfeggio frequencies. C5 in this tuning is Miracles and DNA Repair. Also known as the Love Frequency. G4 in this tuning is Liberation of Guilt and Fear.

The Key of David

It has been said that this is the tuning used by King David in the Psalms. Many groups are beginning to gravitate to this frequency as even our body is calling us back to this tuning. This key is said to open doors that no man can open. Many have said this key opens the portals of heaven. The feelings attributed to this key are joy, peace and a sense of security.

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  • Helps align with nature
  • Opens Heavenly Portals
  • Pleasing to the mind and body
  • Emotionally uplifting
  • Peaceful
  • Helps to feel secure



1. Activate the fork and let it ring out around your left ear. Activate it again and let it ring out around your right ear. Keep rotating as long as you like or until you have a sense of peace. 

2. Activate the fork and tune you instrument to this A 444 Hz. Electronic instruments generally have a master tune feature that will allow this. 

3. Activate the fork and point the tines at the heart. Do this a few times to allow your body and cells to come in resonance with the frequency.

4. Activate the fork and point the tines at the heart. Use the fork to draw clockwise circles. The fork should be a out 2 to 3 inches from the heart. This will help stir up energy. Do this a few times. 

This long stemmed fork comes with a velvet bag. Please remember to use an activator such as a small mallet or an official Canadian hockey puck. The hard rubber is the perfect consistency for activating forks. Hard surfaces such as table or floor will damage the frequency and fork.

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