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432 Hz Tuning Fork AKA Verdi Tuning Fork

432 Hz Tuning Fork AKA Verdi Tuning Fork

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SozoSoundz presents the 432 Hz tuning fork also known as Verdi Tuning. Giuseppe Verdi wrote all his operas based on the A 432 Hz. He believed any tuning higher than that would damage the vocal chords. Studies have shown that when no pitch is given, children naturally sing in this key. This pitch is also based on the scientific scale where C is 256 Hz and an octave higher is 512 Hz.

This natural resonating frequency gives one a sense of peace, calm and well-being. It is highly effective on the heart energy center. 

Meditating with this frequency 432 Hz can be an extremely powerful and effortless way to experience a cleansing  within your consciousness. 

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  • Accelerates the Spiritual and mental development especially in children
  • Beneficial for use on the Chakras (Energy Centers)
  • Frequency used to treat hypertension, long term chronic illness, high blood pressure, lowers the heart rate. 
  • Produces a pleasing and comfortable effect on the body. 
  • Aids in tuning and resonating with the organic world which surrounds us. 
  • Releases emotional blockages and expands consciousness. 


1. Activate the fork and let it ring out around your left ear. Activate it again and let it ring out around your right ear. Keep rotating as long as you like or until you have a sense of peace. 

2. Activate the fork and tune you instrument to this A 432 Hz. Electronic instruments generally have a master tune feature that will allow this. 

3. Activate the fork and point the tines at the heart. Do this a few times to allow your body and cells to come in resonance with the frequency.

4. Activate the fork and point the tines at the heart. Use the fork to draw clockwise circles. The fork should be a out 2 to 3 inches from the heart. This will help stir up energy. Do this a few times. 

This long stemmed fork comes with a velvet bag. Please remember to use an activator such as a small mallet or an official Canadian hockey puck. The hard rubber is the perfect consistency for activating forks. Hard surfaces such as table or floor will damage the frequency and fork.

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