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174 Hz Solfeggio Tuning Fork

Original Price: $45.00


SozoSoundz offers the 174 Hz tuning fork.

This fork is also included in the Solfeggio Missing Set of 3 or set of 9 tuning forks.

 174 Hz - Security and Love - This frequency helps motivate organs to function at their optimal state while also giving them a sense of security, safety and love. Great for Biofield Tuning. This lower tone also works like a natural anesthetic by reducing pain.



Activate fork on a hockey puck or mallet. You can also use this on a body part like a knee or thigh although it will be a much more muted sound and won't ring as long as with an activator. Bring the tines within 3-6 inches from the ear. Take a deep breath during the ring time. Repeat again on the other ear. Do this as many times as desired. 


Activate the fork and point the tine at the desired area of the body. The tines should be 2-3 inches from the body. As the fork works as a natural anesthetic it should help to relieve pain. Do this as many times as desired or needed. 

This also includes a handmade velvet carry bag. Don't forget to purchase a hockey puck or a mallet if needed. 

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