SozoSoundz is Growing! New products coming daily!

SozoSoundz is always looking for ways to offer you items that most don't have. We recently added a variety of teaching books from various authors. We have also added Gem Feet in various sizes in Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz. This enhances the vibration of the weighted tuning fork, thus making it a more powerful healing tool. We have also added new hand made solid oak woodblock holders for a Binaural Brain Tuners and Weighted Solfeggio Sets. Sozosoundz is the only company to also offer our customers the Trinity set and the Solfeggio Fibonacci Set. We will also be adding Wholetones to our inventory soon. Chroma should be arriving in a week. So keep checking our site as we are adding products all the time. We love offering you the most affordable high quality tuning forks on the market. But we also love to offer you items that few others have. We also take custom orders. We just ask that you allow for manufacturing time on custom forks. Let us know how we can better serve you!
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