New Sound Healing with Tuning Forks DVD

    SozoSoundz is entering a new territory in regards to teaching sound therapy. Most wanting to learn this art and modality have to spend thousands of dollars and several hours in the classroom. Now this training is available to everyone via this DVD. With over an hour of video, one can learn how to use the Solfeggio tuning forks on themselves and others. The Solfeggio set of 6 or 9 is the standard set used in a sound therapists tool kit. While there are many forks for many applications, the Solfeggio set is a powerful combination of frequencies that works on individuals in the Spiritual-Mental-Emotional-Physical realms. One can get a basic understanding of how to use the forks and also useful techniques to work on themselves and others. This training is finally affordable ($39.99) for everyone. Here at SozoSoundz, our mission is to provide the public useful tools to start their healing journey. For discount pricing, get the combo with the Solfeggio Set of 6 or set of 9. This also includes a 10 page booklet. Don't wait, get your copy now!




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