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SozoSoundz is bringing new products to our site. No other manufacturers carry these sets. We have added the Solfeggio Fibonacci forks. Same spiral as the regular set but based on the 396 HZ or UT frequency of the Solfeggio series. This frequency is for liberation of guilt and fear. It correlates with our root energy center (Chakra) and fear is often the thing that holds most of us back. As with all Solfeggio forks they add up to 3, 6, and 9 in Pythagorean math. So you  not only get to spiral into other realities like the regular set, you also get the healing power of the Solfeggio behind it. So one should be able to ascend into even higher realms and realities and receive healing simultaneously. The other set we are adding is the Trinity Set. Where the frequencies come from the Jewish Gematria of Sacred Geometry. So we will have the YHVH fork which is different from our other God fork which is based on simple Gematria. We will also have the Yeshua fork (Son) and the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) or Divine Inspiration. We have also added other forks to our inventory to include the regular Fibonacci set and the High OM. Always trying to bring our customers new and innovative ways to bring healing and to ascend to a higher level of their destinies.
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I am looking forward to this one, thank you Tracy.


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