Gem Feet and Books


Sozosoundz now has added Klangschwingung ® Crystal Gem Feet and various Teaching Books to our site. Few dealers offer these gem feet. They are a great addition to sound healing. Quartz and Gemstones are wonderful conductors. When used on a weighted fork it enhances the vibration. Therefore it effects a wider and deeper area than the fork alone. They come in different sizes and different types of quartz or gemstones. The one pictured is the largest at 25 MM. You may order them in clear quartz, amethyst quartz or rose quartz as shown in the picture. The next smaller size is the 15 mm which can be used in a more localized area. The next smallest size is 6mm which can be used in pinpointed areas such as acupressure/acupuncture points. These gem feet are great for weighted tuning forks. You can easily attache them with a provided allen wrench. Either keep them on permamently or put them on and off as needed. We also have added several teaching books from some of the most prolific sound therapy researchers living today. When you shop at SozoSoundz you are not merely a customer. You are a part of our ever growing family!


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