Four Amazing New Tuning Fork Sets Coming Soon!

SozoSoundz loves introducing new products for our sound enthusiast community. Stay tuned as we get ready to add 4 new collections that every sound therapist and wellness seeker will want to add to their growing collection. We will be offering the Meridian Forks, Solar System Forks, Kabbalah Forks, and the Endocrine and Spine Forks!
These sets offer amazing applications for your wellness pleasure.
The Meridian Tuning Fork Set
The set of 14 unweighted Meridian Tuning Forks work with all major Meridians as well as 2 extra meridians, i.e., the Governing Vessel and Central Vessel. You may have heard of working with the meridians by Chinese and Holistic practitioners to heal a variety of is- sues. This is an ancient art which addresses the energy network of the body as well as the various channels by which energy flows as well as transports that energy throughout the body.
The Solar System Planetary Tuning Fork Set
The Solar System/Planetary Tuning Fork Set consists of 11 Tuning forks. These are custom made by Medivibe and each stem is 3 inches long. We are the only distributor to bring you this exquisite set with the longest stems on the market in the USA! These forks come with an activator in blue velvet pouches.
The Kabbalah Tree Of Life Tuning Fork Set
The Kabbalah Set consists of 12 unweighted tuning forks. These include the Keter, Hokmah, Binah, Hesed. Geburah, Tiferet. Nezah, Hody, Yesod, Malkut, Da’at and Lightning Flash.
The Endocrine/Spine Tuning Fork Set
The set of 7 Endocrine/Spine forks are aimed to work with both the endocrine glands as well as the various regions of the spinal column. These forks bring harmonious balance between the hormones secreted by the endocrine glands as well as the spinal column/spinal nerves. This exquisite set also corresponds with the seven energy centers (chakras). The endocrine glands and the chakras both transmit energy back and forth to one another. Please note these are not thesame frequencies used in the Human Organ set.




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As an acupuncturist that uses tuning forks, I am looking forward to the meridian set of forks. I just purchased the weighted tuning fork set…thanks for your dedication for humanity!

Diane M Cloud

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