Affordable High quality Tuning Forks for Sound Healing!

I always love scouring the internet to check with other distributors to see what they are offering to the public. To my great pleasure, I have found out that SozoSoundz has some of the best prices on the market for high quality tuning forks. In fact in most areas the only forks that are lower priced than ours are made in India of inferior alloy. We are building this business and it is our intention to honor those interested in sound healing by offering them the best quality at the lowest price. We want to start a healing revolution in sound. Thank you to all of you that have supported us so far. We also won't just carry a product so that we may profit from it. We are selective as to the product we offer as we want to provide our customers with the most powerful alternatives in natural therapies. We also offer custom oak woodblocks, books, cds, dvds, and crystals. Come aboard the SozoSoundz train as we begin our journey into even more exciting areas of sound healing!!!

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I am extremely pleased with the quality of your forks and the accessories. It is my wish to purchase forks from your store exclusively as I feel these forks are the best I have found. and have bought from several other sites. Thank you for your service.

judith albay

Thanks for your great service. We are on board.

judith albay

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