New Kits offered by SozoSoundz

Check out all of our new Kits! We have created a variety of kits for sound healing enthusiasts. All of them our discounted and have instructions on the care, benefits and applications. No prior experience necessary for anyone wanting to use tuning forks. All come with handmade velveteen bags for the forks.

The new kits are:

The Starter Kit $120


136.1 Hz Tuning Fork, Miracle 528 Hz Tuning Fork, 4096 Hz Angel/Crystal Tuning Fork, Michael Reed Gach "Acupressure’s Potent Points: a Guide to Self-Care for common Ailments" book, Crystal, Pendulum and Hockey Puck Activator.

The Pancreas Support Kit $70


Low OM 68.05 Hz Tuning Fork. Pancreas 117.3 Hz Tuning Fork, Crystal and Rubber Mallet

The Cell Support Kit $60


The Shekinah 1185 Hz Tuning Fork, Genesis 531 Hz Tuning Fork and Hockey Puck Activator

Pineal and Essential Oil Combo $65


Pineal Tuning Fork, Young Living Idaho Blue Spruce Essential Oil and Hockey Puck Activator.


Many Blessings on your journey into healing!!!

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