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Sometime in our lives we have all needed healing. While most associate healing with that of the physical body, there is also the emotional and spiritual side as well. In fact, many times what occurs in the emotional or spiritual realm of our being often exerts itself into our physical being. For instance, were you ever so upset about something that it made you physically ill? I know I have had that a number of times in my own life. Stress and anxiety are also big factors in that equation. But did you know that many of our physical problems are deeply rooted in our spiritual problems? These problems or curses, can go back several generations. There is often a root cause for our afflictions and that is something I would like to address here. As I begin to investigate further into this area, I am finding much of my own root cause for my afflictions. Currently, I suffer from Crohn’s disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, hypothyroid, obesity, sleep apnea and etc. I could probably name a few more but I think that is sufficient for now. So what do all these problems have in common? Bad genes? Over-eating? Stress? While those may all be contributing factors, we still have not exposed the root of it all. This is where people often don’t want to hear the truth. But as I begin to explore this, I am finding much truth in this concept.

I would have to address each disease separately but for now, lets look at Crohn’s disease. What is the root cause of this? Well you would have to know the spiritual implications in all this which is too complicated to explain. But I will tell you that the root causes of this disease are: Self-rejection, abandonment, guilt, low self-esteem, drive to meet expectations of others, and bearing others burdens. In essence, we are attacking ourselves in the spiritual realm and the body eventually agrees and goes into self-destructive mode. This can also be a generational curse. In my family, this is ever prevalent. We all have this which takes form in many ways. As with my mom and sisters, our clan feels as though we aren’t worthy of being loved. Of course that is a lie but it is deeply imbeded into our  family line.

So what is Crohn’s disease? It is inflammation in the lower part of the small intestines, sometimes the colon and parts of the digestive tract. One with this disease has problems absorbing nutrients as the immune system attacks the lining of the colon. Basically speaking, it is an over-active immune system that attacks the body in several ways. Some of my eye problems even stem from this disease. It affects the body at large and not just that generalized area.

So how to we minister to someone with this disease? Well first they must identify with the root cause and recognize that it stems from self-hatred, self-rejection, and guilt. It is important to encourage the afflicted person to take spiritual responsibility for these sins, repent, and turn away from them. Secondly, they must forgive others who have rejected them or placed unreasonable expectations on them including self. Thirdly, we mus re-establish their self-worth by ministering the peace, love, and acceptance of God and impart the Father and/or Mother’s blessing. That is a whole other topic on the types of blessings which I will not go into here. Fourthly, spiritual warfare to break generational curses of rejection, abandonement, and lack of self-worth and Crohn’s disease is in order. In Jesus name we must command the inflammation to subside and all the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease to go. Command the white corpuscles to stop attacking the body and for the digestive tract to be healed. Unless you are a born-again Christian who is granted his/her power in Christ, it would be futile to attempt this task.

What does scripture say? Jeremiah 33:6b: I will heal them and reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth.

Jeremiah 31:3b: Yes I have loved you with an everlasting love.

As I begin this journey into healing and wholeness that the Lord desires for my life, I can already tell there is a difference. Remember part of the Lord’s prayer when it says, “Thy kingdome come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven?” We have the power to bring heaven to earth. In heaven there are no diseases or illness. It is not the Lord’s desire for us to be sick and ill. In Christ we are overcomers. Anyway, I will continue future blogs with other diseases. Explosing the enemy and taking back our life for the glory of God is my greatest desire. He came to set the captives free and that includes the bondage of illness. Thank you Lord for your Faithfulness and love.

02/05/2015 update: The Gastroenterologist examined my colon and esophagus. He was quite shocked to find nothing. No polyps and no inflammation. He didn't even take a biopsy. Combination of healing in regards to that mentioned above, exposing myself to healing frequencies and also eating alkaline foods. All praise to God for His healing!!!


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