Living in Heaven on Earth (part 2) by Michael Danforth

There are many treasuries in the kingdom of heaven. I have been in the place where the winds of God are stored. I have felt the sound and strength of these winds pass right through me, and when they did, every part of my being began to vibrate with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord. Are you getting this? The vibrations and frequencies of the Lord’s voice cause the waters to ascend from the ends of the earth. It builds a multitude of waters in the heavens. These same vibrations make lightning and thunder for the rain and bring the wind out of His treasuries.

What many have interpreted as hearing the audible voice of the Lord from without, is really hearing His voice from within. I’m not saying no one has heard His voice from the outside in, but I am saying regardless whether it comes from without or within, it is still in the form of vibrations and frequencies passing through your being.

Think about it. Even the audible sounds around you are created through the vibrations of those little hairs in your inner ear. A dear friend of mine  was exposed to extreme heat when he was a child, causing those very same hairs to go flat, and when they did, he lost 90% of his hearing. I often envision those tiny hairs standing up and him hearing 100%. Come on God!

There are times when the revelation of God is so great in my life that the hairs on the back of my neck literally stand up. I know many of you know what that is like. That sensation is the knowledge of God vibrating through your being. I have been in meetings when the voice of the Lord would flow out of me at such a frequency that the people around me would cry out, vibrating under its force.

In ancient times, a prophet seeing into the spirit world was an ongoing reality. When Elisha asked the Lord to open up his servant’s eyes, the eyes of Elisha were already open. He was already seeing the invisible world around him. Elisha needed his servant to see what he was seeing so that he would be on the same frequency of God. In that moment, the servant was able to tune in with what God was about to do with the Syrian army.

God is looking for a company of seers whose eyes are open to the invisible realm all the time, not just on special occasions. At first, this may sound like a very difficult thing, but like anything else, seeing into multiple dimensions at the same time requires practice. Though I have certainly not arrived to the point of seeing into the spirit 24/7, I am nearing that mark more and more each day. To the degree that we are able to discern, to be aware, to see into the invisible world around us, is the degree that we are able to step up to the next level of being a watchman of the Lord.

I believe this horrific massacre in Aurora, Colorado could have been avoided. The enemy would like to turn this into a gun issue. This is not an issue with guns, but with powers and principalities of the air. The times that we are living in demand that the people of God step up to the plate and start discerning, seeing, hearing, and knowing the evil plans of the enemy in advance.  When Jesus was on the earth, he was constantly aware of the plotting of the enemy against Him, or anyone else around Him.

Jesus spoke to Peter and said, “Simon, Simon, behold, Satan has demanded permission to sift you like wheat.” How did Jesus know this? Because He was there. Jesus was in that inner court of justice where the enemy had asked permission to sift Peter like wheat. Think about this, Jesus had access to the very court where the enemy plots his evil doings against the people of God. You and I have access to that the very same place. We can have foreknowledge of the enemy’s evil works in advance.  Therefore, Jesus concluded with these words, but I have prayed for you, that your faith may not fail; and you, when once you have turned again, strengthen your brothers.” (Luke 22:31-32)

Wow! I find this absolutely incredible. Jesus was saying, ‘I know what the enemy has devised against you and I have made intercession for you, in advance, so that you will quickly bounce back and strengthen your fellow brothers in the Lord.’ Come on Jesus!

This is the word of the Lord to you and me right now. “I’ve got your back. No matter what the enemy has planned against you, I’ve got you covered.”

The Lord wants you to know that you too can know the works of the enemy in advance. God is leading His people out of blind intercession. He is giving His people foreknowledge of the evil intent of the enemy. Thus, we are able to make strategic intercession on behalf of the nations and those around us.

This year, the Lord instructed me to start SOHL, School of Higher Learning. One of the subjects He instructed me to teach was ‘how to develop your spiritual senses.’ He made it clear that the progressive influence of the people of God in the earth would depend on it. Developing your spiritual senses is as much a part of displaying the love of God as anything else. We have the power to train our senses to reach beyond the spiritual climate of a Sunday gathering or spiritual conference. It’s time for the body of Christ to exercise their spiritual senses outside the cave of the local church. The lives of innocent people depend on it.

A few years ago, I went to Israel with my daughter Amber and friend Josh Woodcock. Another dear friend who has lived in the Jerusalem area for a number of years was our guide.  On one particular day, we decided to go into the town of Bethlehem. Before our departure, I looked at my daughter and said, “Amber, wherever we go today, you have to promise me one thing; if I say it is time to go, you must agree without hesitation.” I knew there would be no problem with the others agreeing, but my daughter, well, let’s just say she is a little less compliant. However, she agreed and we headed toward our destination. After arriving in Bethlehem, we started looking at the sites and visiting with the people.

We were probably there no longer than 45 minutes when I was suddenly gripped with an urgency to leave that area of town.  I quickly found Amber and the others and said. “We have to go now!” At first, Amber resisted, because she wanted to do more shopping. I gave her that “remember your promise look” and we quickly exited the area. Later on that evening after getting back to our home in Jerusalem, we saw on the news that a man killed a young boy, causing a deadly riot to break out in the exact area where I was standing when the alarm of the Lord hit me.

I am more aware today than ever before of the importance of what it means to live as supernatural beings on earth. I do not believe there is ever a moment of crisis without an act of divine intervention being available.

God has given us the power of divine prevention. We are a first level generation. This means we have the ability to intervene right at the gate, exposing the works of the enemy, thus aborting every evil attempt of the enemy to derail the people of God from their intended purpose in the Spirit. Thus, “the gates of hell will not prevail against us.” We are a people to be on guard, not caught off guard. We are the chosen guardians of planet earth. God is ready to reveal His secrets to those He loves. The question is, are we ready to listen, to tune into the vibrations and frequencies of heaven on earth?


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As an intercessor I rejoice The Lord is moving us out of blind intercession and into giving us foreknowledge of the evil intent of the enemy thus thwarting his plan ! It’s time to press in and partake of this new flow of Gods spirit …….

Carol Werner

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