Organ Tuning Forks

SozoSoundz is adding more forks to our line of products. However, we are doing it a bit different than other distributors. Most people don't want the whole set of 15. Also, they are offering them in either  unweighted and/or weighted sets. However, there are some frequencies that are too high for weighted. So we are selling them individually and depending on the frequency, it will be offered in either weighted or unweighted. In other words, we are giving you the most powerful fork needed for your healing. What are organ forks? Each fork is the healthy frequency of the organ it addresses. The frequencies were discovered by passing sound waves through healthy organs and calculating their frequencies. We can thank Barbara Hero and the International Lambdoma Research Institute for her research and discoveries. What that means to you is that you can use the frequency of a healthy organ fork to entrain your organs to come back to the healthy frequency. If you would like a few of these forks but not the complete set, contact me by email and we will create a personal package for you!

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I would like a fork for the pancreas

Mark Breiner er

After many years of taking thyroid and anxiety medications I am trying to wean myself off and am interested in all that God has available for healing. Do you have tuning forks for these organs? My heart is healthy but under extreme stress due to trauma and loss in the past three years. I would be interested in ourchasing anything you have to offer. I am a member of SRC in Newcastle and appreciate so much your teaching! Grace & Peace, Teresa Gracey

Teresa Gracey

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