Your Body is a Symphony of Frequencies!

Did you know that your body is much like a symphony orchestra? Every part of our body and even thoughts have and emit a tone aka frequency. Like an orchestra, they have to be in tune to play otherwise the sound brings dis-pleasure instead of pleasure. There is a new concept emerging that relates illness to out-of-tune dis-harmony in the body. That is when the body is at dis-ease. Different areas of the body begin to emit different frequencies and vibrations than they had previously. As the body attempts to adapt, more dis-ease may occur and until remedied, may create a cascade of even more dis-ease.

By using sound and specific frequencies, coupled with prayer and positive intention, it is possible to bring the body back into harmony again. We all need a tune-up now and again. Between stress, toxins in the air and food, emotional factors, and etc., we can easily get out of tune. There are all sorts of frequencies out there in tuning forks. Spine forks for each vertebrae, Organ forks for each organ of the body, frequencies from Heaven as in the Solfeggio forks, and the list goes on and on. It is our hearts desire to provide the tools for others to help tune themselves and/or others. Besides providing the forks, we will be developing innovative methods as revealed from the Holy Spirit, to enable everyone to tune themselves up. One of our mottos is to "Enhance your Peak Performance and Expect a Miracle!" These miracles are now available at our online store. Thanks for stopping by!

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